Do You Have a Passion For Cars and Drawing Them?

It Doesn’t Matter if You Are a Beginner or If You Have Been Drawing Cars for Years…

Dear Fellow Car Enthusiast,

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How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy
Second Edition

“The Insider Secrets To Drawing Cars Like the Pros”

That is why I am serious when I say this is truly a one of a kind guide to drawing cars.

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Why Am I Qualified To Give You Advice?

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  • How to produce a quality car drawing within a couple of hours even if you’ve never drawn a car in your life before
  • How to overcome the biggest stumbling block for most people when drawing cars
  • Detailed step-by-step analysis of drawing examples so you can see what the pros look out for
  • The key principles you must know to get your car looking right first time every time
  • What you need to have ready in place before getting started
  • The secret tip the pros use to produce amazing drawings
  • The professional tools and materials you’re likely to already have lying around the house … and the ones you need to take your drawings to the highest level
  • Why copying and tracing can help your drawings and the most important thing to remember when doing it
  • The single most important thing to do when starting to draw side views
  • The one perspective technique you should never use when car drawings
  • What the most common mistakes are when drawing perspective and how to correct them
  • All the key two point perspective angles explained in detailed, easy to follow and done for you step-by-step tutorials
  • Everything you need to know about drawing wheels in perspective so you have them looking right each and every time
  • How to easily and simply overcome all the common mistake when drawing ellipses in perspective
  • Why proportion is so critical to how every car looks and the simple rules to keep in mind to make sure your car doesn’t look funny
  • The 3 key categories of car design that lets you quickly and easily define the overall shape of your car drawing
  • How to add color confidently to your drawings and bring your designs to life

  • There are over 160 detailed pictures that will enable you to visually see everything that I am talking about.
  • There is 15 years of professional experience in this comprehensive guide that is revealing top insider secrets that will have you drawing cars like a pro in no time at all.

Testimonial from an Art Teacher

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Dave Ellena
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Paul Cameron
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Friends And Acquaintances Always Wanted Sketches Of Their Cars With Ideas For Customizing. Now I Will Charge For Designs Very good course. I am a portrait artist, people, pets, places, etc. I have been an artist all my life (60 now) but I still needed a few hints on auto drawing. You have supplied those and I thank you. I have been designing cars for many years. Web site coming soon.
Gary Chittenden
Ontario, Canada
Kevin Dunn
United Kingdom

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These cheat sheets will help you quickly master:

  • How to use varying line weights to make your drawing ‘pop’ off the page.
  • How to use light and shadow to add depth and color to your drawings with confidence and ease.
  • How to render gloss surfaces to add realism to your drawings and really make them shine.




Kind Regards,

Tim Rugendyke